2020 edg3 FUND Finalists

Meet Kitsap Bank's 2020 edg3 FUND Finalists! 

Check back October 26 - November 6 to vote for your favorite business.  The top vote-getting Finalist will win the $5,000 Public Favorite Award!  

Then, on November 20 we will be announcing this year's winners during an online event.  Tune in then to find out who will take home the $5,000 Public Favorite Award, $5,000 Community edg3 Award, $10,000 Innovation Award, and the $25,000 edg3 FUND Grand Prize! 

Ammas UmmaAmma's Umma

Port Angeles, WA

Amma's Umma is an intentionally sourced lifestyle boutique that exists to create a purpose filled shopping experience for world changers. Our name means "A Mother's Kiss" and we believe that through creating and sustaining living wage jobs for moms that children will come home from institutions to loving families and we can stop the cycle of poverty for generations to come, meanwhile empowering women to make impactful and purpose filled purchases that they can feel confident about.


AquaggaAquagga Inc.

University Place, WA

Aquagga is a hardware company based in Washington and Alaska, embracing a “lean development” approach to help end the most pressing environmental contamination challenge of the 21st century. Through advancing transformative technologies from the laboratory to the field, Aquagga seeks to end water contamination from toxic forever chemicals, also known as PFAS. The founders aspire to emulate the basis of a “zebra” company, meaning that positive social/environmental impact is equally weighted with profit as a driver and stockholder metric.


Camp N CarCamp N Car

Port Townsend, WA

Camp N Car helps people gain more freedom by creating sleeper platforms, cabinetry and more for outfitting a variety of vehicles. Whether it’s vans, trucks or SUVs we provide travelers with thoroughly engineered products that will last through a lifetime of campouts and adventure. We utilize advanced design methods to create our custom and standard builds so we can maximize manufacturing efficiency whilst simultaneously creating goods that work extremely well for our customers. We’re a modern company that’s riding a new wave of the travel revolution and we’re here to help people adventure on their terms.


CampfireCampfire Coffee

Tacoma, WA

We are Campfire Coffee; a black, female and veteran owned coffee roaster that roasts over an actual open flame campfire.  We are one of 10 black owned coffee roasters in the country, the only in Washington State and the only roaster in the nation roasting over a campfire. Our vision is to bring more access to not just specialty coffee but also our area's outdoor spaces to families and kids by helping them overcome barriers that prevent them having that access.


Five12 ApparelFive12 Apparel LLC

Sumner, WA

We at Five12 love everything Northwest and creating gear that not only protects and gives comfort in the elements, but is also completely created from discarded items makes us a proud South Sound brand. We get extremely excited knowing customers love wearing or using the different types of gear we create but redefining the “waste to wear” category makes it that much special. Using post-consumer recycled items and transforming them into technical and fashionable apparel and gear can and will be the future of what people will use everyday.  Reuse, Recycle, and Rethink !


Sprout and ThistleSTREET|EATS Bremerton

Bremerton, WA

Sprout & Thistle is converting to STREET|EATS Bremerton and will revolutionize the idea of a local market in Bremerton. STREET|EATS Bremerton will revitalize the neighborhood by leveraging an underutilized commercial property, repurposing the site to house micro-enterprises, and creating an outdoor “third place” for the community. It will be a be a fun place to meet up and buy locally produced products as well as support an expanding family of local businesses while directly investing in the local community. This model has been globally successful and is considered low tech, low risk and with possibly high rewards.


Syllings ElderberrySylling’s Elderberry

Port Orchard, WA

Now more than ever, our community is clinging to anything that will keep us and our families healthy. Nourishing our bodies with premium nutrients is vital in combatting the cold & flu season. Elderberries have an ancient history of supporting the immune system and maintaining whole body health. Paired with rich spices, elderberry syrup is a power packed addition to the daily routine. Sylling’s Elderberry has created a balanced and effective product that is supporting our community and its families. What better way to say “we care” than to bring wellness to our community.


Unity Skate ShopUnity Skate Shop

Port Orchard, WA

Unity Skate Shop is a family owned and operated brick and mortar retail store. We are looking to expand and build an online store to be able to sell our products to the global skate community. By winning the edg3 fund, it would help us reach our goal of sharing our unity around the world.