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Protect Yourself From Phishing

Kitsap Bank provides tips for protecting yourself from phishing attempts

How Phishing Works

  • The individual receives an email that appears to be from a legitimate company, even the person's bank.
  • The message usually contains an urgent message that needs immediate attention and will guide the individual to a website.
  • The website usually is phony or sometimes the real site but altered so they can gather personal information. These websites often are very convincing.
  • The individual is asked to provide account information for verification. From this information the phishers are able to hack into accounts.

What Can You Do?   

  • Keep your web browser up to date. Regularly access your browser's website to download security patches. This will protect you against a variety of software vulnerabilities.   
  • Do not fill out forms in e-mail messages requesting sensitive information. Personal information should be provided by calling Kitsap Bank directly at 800-283-5537 or by logging onto our secure website by typing in the URL www.kitsapbank.com.

 Tip: Type Kitsap Bank’s URL into your browser and bookmark it for future use.  

  • Do not respond to unsolicited e-mails that request personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, ATM PINs, social security numbers, etc.   
  • Regularly log into your online accounts. If you see anything unusual, report it immediately to Kitsap Bank.
  • Pay close attention to your bank statements. If you see anything suspicious, contact us immediately 

Reporting a Phishing Attempt

If you suspect that you’ve been phished, contact our Customer Service department at 360-876-3644, Option 7 or Toll Free 800-283-5537, Option 7. Please forward the URL and other pertinent information to customerservice@kitsapbank.com.

Report anything suspicious to the proper authorities. Alert the company or government agency identified in the suspect e-mail through a Web address or telephone number that you know is legitimate.

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