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Executive Team

Steven Politakis
Chief Executive Officer
Anthony George
President & Chief Operating Officer
Alan Crain
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Charles Robertson
Executive Vice President & Chief Retail Officer
Linda Smith
Executive Vice President & Credit Administrator
Basant Singh
Executive Vice President, Bellevue Commercial Banking and SBA Manager

Olympic Bancorp Board of Directors

Cydly Langer Smith
Melinda Smith Pigors
Steven Politakis
President & CEO
Anthony George
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
John Hogan
Manager Partner Gateway Capital, LLC
Tony Panagiotu
President, Panagiotu Pension Advisors
Robert Wise
Chief Financial Officer, Solius
Tina Pappas
President, NAI Puget Sound Properties
Jeff Dolven
President & Chief Executive Officer, Skookum Contract Services