Executive Team

Steven Politakis
Chief Executive Officer
Anthony George
President & Chief Operating Officer
Alan Crain
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Steven Maxwell
Executive Vice President & Chief Lending Officer
Basant Singh
Executive Vice President, Bellevue Commercial Banking and SBA Manager
Linda Smith
Executive Vice President & Credit Administrator

Olympic Bancorp Board of Directors

Cydly Langer Smith
Chairwoman of the Board
Helen Langer Smith
Vice Chairwoman of the Board
Steven Politakis
President & CEO
Anthony George
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Melinda Smith Pigors
Owner, Green Box Memphis
Jim Davis
Former President & CEO, Fife Commercial Bank
John Hogan
Manager Partner Gateway Capital, LLC
Tony Panagiotu
President, Panagiotu Pension Advisors
Wade Perrow
Founder & CEO Wade Perrow Construction, LLC
Robert Wise
Chief Financial Officer, Solius