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Text Banking Help

What is text banking?

Text banking allows customers to send a text message to Kitsap Bank to retrieve balances, transaction history or make transfers. To access Text Banking you need a mobile device with the ability to send and receive text messages.

Is there a charge to use text banking?

Kitsap Bank does not charge to use Text Banking. However, your mobile provider’s message and data rates may apply.

How do I use text banking?

To enroll in Text Banking, log in to your Online Banking account at or select Text Enrollment in the Kitsap Bank Mobile App under Settings.

Click (or swipe if in our Kitsap Bank Mobile App) the On button, enter your mobile phone number in the SMS Text Number field, review the Summary of Terms and Save (at the bottom of the screen). Note: a mobile phone number can only be enrolled in text banking for one Online Banking or Cash Management login.

Next, select Account Preferences under Settings to select which accounts you wish to have enabled for text banking, the order that they appear, and the Display name(s) of the accounts (maximum of four characters, alpha or numeric). Once you have finished configuring your account(s), click the Submit button.

If this is your first time enrolling for Text Banking, you will receive a text from 226563 (BANKME) welcoming you to the service.

Once enrolled, you can text any of the following commands to 226563 (BANKME) and receive information back via text message:

BAL (or) BAL <account nickname>
Requests the account balance for all accounts or a specific account
Example: BAL (or) BAL chkg

HIST <account nickname>
Requests the last 10 transactions in account history for a specific account. Note: you will receive up to 4 text messages for this inquiry.
Example: HIST chkg

XFER <from account nickname><to account nickname> <amount>
Transfer funds between accounts
Example: XFER chkg save 10.00

Receive a list of available text commands

Receive a text directing you to our Mobile and Text Banking FAQ document

Stop all text messages to your mobile device