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Secure Access Codes

What is a secure access code?

The Secure Access Code is system generated and will be sent to the delivery method you choose. In today's online environment, login ID/password access to your financial information is no longer considered sufficient to securely verify your identity.

Therefore, in addition to your login ID and password, our online verification requires us to deliver you a one-time piece of required information via something only you possess (for example, your email account or your telephone). Once you receive the additional piece of information (a Secure Access Code) and enter it into our system, you have the option to register your browser with a cookie for future use.

Please note: Secure Access Codes cannot be delivered via email to Cash Management clients.

I requested a secure access code via email and have not received it. What do I do?

Secure Access Codes are generally delivered within one minute of the code request. Occasionally, email systems will identify the Secure Access Code email as spam or junk and will automatically move or delete them. Please check any junk mail, deleted items or recycle bin folders to ensure the email has not been redirected by your email system. If you are unable to locate the secure access code email, please re-request a Secure Access Code be delivered to a telephone number. When a new secure access code is requested, it will invalidate any previously requested code.

What do I do if my secure access code expires?

Secure Access Codes must be used within one hour of delivery or they will expire. If multiple secure access codes are requested, each new request will invalidate any previously requested code.